Thursday, 17 January 2013

Indian Classical Music and Singers

Indian classical music and singers have a most polarizing across in all of the world. They have valuable the world of music the spectator with their masterful artistry. Their emotional rendition has brought pleasure to many people at heart. Here is a brief profile of famous Indian classical musicians like as A. R. Rehman, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Zakir Hussain, Mohammed Rafi, L. Subramaniam etc.

A. R. Rehman
A. R. Rehman is a world-class musician in Indian. Born as A. R. Rehman on 6 January 1967 at Chennai. His father, R K Shekhar was a good composer and conductor in Malayalam films. Childhood Rehman served as a keyboard player and arranged in bands. Rehman is the founder of the Chennai- based group. He is the master of the instrument like as keyboards, piano, guitar etc. At the age of eleven years old, he started playing musical instrument and he started working composer as a Ramesh Naidu, Raj Kyoto, Zakir Hussain etc. His music career started in 1992, his own studio and started recording & mixing music, making for music advertisement etc. 
Over time it would become the all most recording studio in India. A. R. Rehman is a good soundtrack, composed of folk, jazz, soft rock and other genres. Rehman got his first Indian film industry when approached film director, Mani Ratnam to compose music for his Tamil film Roja. Roja debut A. R. Rehman receives best music director at the National Film Awards. Rehaman has since been win award many times. He had made for song many films like Rangeela, Dil se, Taal, Rang De Basanti etc. Rahman his second National Film Award for Best Music Direction in 1997. On 15 August 1997 he released an album called “ VandeMatarm” to celebrate 50 years of Indian independence. Rehman himself performed in New Delhi to a packed viewers such as the respectable Native Indian Prime Minister. Over all of India 1.2 million copies were sold. ‘Dil se’ movie has released in 1998. A.R. Rehman combination in this movie song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’. The song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ became a humongous success. 1999 was the year in which A. R. Rehman increased his international music scene. He also got to work with artists across the total of Indian classical music, both Hindustani. He had all of eleven release, the most for any music director in 1999. A.R. Rehman is nominated many times for best awards like 2000 Best Music Director Award- Tall, 2002 Best Music Director Award Lagaan, 2003 Best Music Director Award Saathiya, 2007 Best Music Director Award Rang de Basanti, 2009 Best Music Director Award Jodhaa Akbar, 2010 Best Music Director Award Delhi 6, 2012 Best Music Director Award  Rockstar.

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